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The culture is not one kind of resources but is spiritual prop. Nanning Paperjoy brand image verifies a sage to say: The enterprise had the culture, was similar to the person to have the thought, the advance footsteps has been able to march forward courageously. The culture, took one kind of resources, is regarded as the soul and the core value system, and roots into the enterprise manage, thus established enterprise culture with our own characteristics. 

Enterprise idea: Create new healthy life

Value: Value comes from service. Specialization stems from detail.

Objective: Offer final settlement and create value for our customers.

Performance idea: Serve our customers and form a mutual community.

Employee values: I am an employee, a manager and a investor in Nanda group.

Our aphorism: Respect, People, Oriented, Honest, Efficiency, Harmony, Equilibrium, Quality, Euality

Our attitude: Honest, Precise, innovative