Experience the wonderful virtual world with your phone

Experience the wonderful virtual world with your phone

No one would have thought that it would have been possible to transcend the world around and experience the virtual world so comfortable. Virtual reality has made it possible to have those amazing and interactive experiences. All you need to have is a smart phone like iPhone 6 or 6s models and a virtual reality headset viewer and then you are being lost in the wonderful virtual world.

There are many virtual reality headsets from various manufacturers which can make your smart phone transform into a personal and powerful virtual world. And with that you can enjoy 3D movies, stereoscopic 3D videos and make the use of dedicated VR enabled apps for games etc, which are available in the app stores.

These experiences of using a VR headset viewer completely immerse you in the virtual world with a 360 degree experience. You can have a complete cinematic feel while watching videos on your phone.


Some amazing features of VR headsets to have a look at:

  • 95-120 degree viewing angles which gives makes your movie watching experience very comfortable and also you can enjoy home videos with a cinematic feel too.
  • They are light weight and so you don’t feel tired around your head while watching movies. It is also optimized for tracking your head movements very quickly using the efficient internal sensors.
  • The VR viewers make use of advanced filters and predictive algorithms to provide an accurate tracking which is required for a perfect viewing experience.
  • With high quality and clear lenses, they make the image distortion free for a clean view of the display. Also the comfortable PU padding makes the headset comfortable in wearing.
  • You can download any video you want into your Phone and view them using the VR viewer effortlessly and enjoy the feel of virtual reality.
  • Being so flexible in built, they can be closed down and even carried in pockets very easily. So being portable is a very amazing feature.

Customized headset to personalize the virtual reality feel

Some of the headsets which are VR enabled also come in different colors and designs so that users can have options to choose from. And their compatibility with iPhones has given a new edge to usage of smart phones. So if you are thinking to have a feel of virtual reality, get a VR headset and start exploring the different shades of virtual world.