GNOG VR for iPhone 7

GNOG VR for iPhone 7

Description: GNOG is an interactive game featuring world full of very colorful and talented monsters with tempting secrets. Each monster in this game is having special characteristics and secrets hidden in them. You are offered with various types of monster heads which reveal a minute world present within. You then challenged to solve puzzles using Project Morpheus in this small world.


As the game is still in prelaunch phase, it does not yet clear that how a player will do this all activities. As the game is in incubation right now, there is no additional information provided by the developers on the gameplay and the storyline in details. Having a history of amazing track records, we can hope something maverick from the developers of this game.

Additional information

GNOG’s official release date and its other technical specification are still kept suspense by its developers. Official website reveals that information only about the launching on PlayStation 4 is scheduled in 2016, but not specified particular date or month yet. This game will also be coming for iOS in near future. There are no announcements made on VR support for its any version but, as the previous develop projects supports most of the operating systems and the VR enabled, we can predict the compatibility of iOS and VR enable mode. Those who are eager to get this game can fulfill their enthusiasm by signing up to a newsletter of this game on its official site which will help you to stay up-to-date with its future advancements.