InCell VR for iPhone 7

InCell VR for iPhone 7

Description: InCell VR is the virtual reality game developed by Nidal VR studios. This game features action and racing with an amazing recreated bio-scientific world of human body’s cells structure. The story of this game is fictional and starts in 2134, where humans develop an ability to shrink themselves down to an incredibly small size that facilitates them to get into another human body for a medical emergency. With advanced surgical equipment or say weapons and specially developed bio-vehicle you can ride through an entire body to fight against an alarming growth of influenza virus.


Riding on the special vehicle and roaming through vesicles, microtubules and other parts of the body you will get an extreme experience of racing and strategic battle against the enemy virus. Only the missing point in this game is; while focusing on developing an attention seeking game, developers overlooked an important educational part of this game. Still you may like this game for its all new concept and very intelligently made graphics which will take you on the peak of virtual reality experience. This is the best VR game available in market at this moment.

Additional information

InCell VR’s iOS compatible version released in September 2015 and has a game size of 103 MB. This is a single player; racing- strategy VR enabled game. This is compatible with android and iOS operating systems and works with iOS 8.0 or higher versions. It supports most of the iPhone devices available in the market like iPhone 5c, iPhone6, and 6Plus. iPhone 7 is expected to release in October 2016. On the core requirement, we can claim the compatibility of this game with iPhone 7. But for now, we have to wait until the launch of iPhone 7 to get the clear picture.