INSURGENT – Shatter Reality VR for iPhone 7

INSURGENT – Shatter Reality VR for iPhone 7

Description: Shatter Reality is a very high-value experience that proves itself as a spotlight in VR experience. It is worth to spend your time. You will find yourself immersed in fully 3D, 360 experience in the game which is based on very popular Divergent Series: Insurgent. In this you can play the character of Divergent, who is captured by Jeanine Matthews and her learned splinter group. You can also enjoy some 3D video clips from the series.


This game provides more than enough visual entertainment but this is merely the teaser of series that too not in details. While playing this game when you’ll be told that ‘you have done great”, at that very moment you go blur in thinking that if I have really done anything? On the hard note, this game is more like a narrative story than being a real game. For now, this actually does not hold its race in real gaming segment, but yes, if you are looking for great visual VR experience, then definitely you must have to see this for once.

Additional information

INSURGENT – Shatter Reality VR consumes huge 337 MB in your device. This is a single player; VR enabled game. This needs iOS 8.0 or higher versions for its smooth operation.  It supports all iPhone devices available in the market like iPhone 5c, iPhone6 and 6Plus. While seeking the compatibility with an iPhone 7, we can claim this based on core requirements mentioned by officials of this game. But at this moment, users need to wait till the launch of iPhone 7 to get the actual idea.