Lamper VR 2.0 for iPhone 7

Lamper VR 2.0 for iPhone 7

Description: Lamper VR is one of the best racing games trending in the VR game market nowadays. The story is about a small firebug and his kingdom which fall under attack by some cruel spiders. They kidnap fire bug’s friends and destroy the kingdom. You have to lead the game as the only rebel firebug in the kingdom. In this journey, you have to make your safest way to rescue your friends while fighting with creepy monster plants and enemy force of spiders. You can attack your hurdles and enemies using fireball. While running through woods and caves, collecting power-ups will keep your stamina high and provide you with some extra points. Developers proved their visual excellence by providing an addictive game and amazingly beautiful graphics.


Gameplay is also very easy in terms of its controls. You just need to move your head to navigate through the terrine and can use dedicated buttons to attack the fireball. Once you start playing this game, you will definitely loose the track of time and will found yourself fully immersed in the virtual world of small light bug.

Additional information

Lamper VR’s iOS compatible version was released in March 2015. This is single player, racing and shooting game with VR enable mode. It consumes 76.0 MB of memory in your devices and supports all iPhone devices, right from iPhone4, to iphone5, 5s, 5c including iPhone 6 Plus. This game is suitable for iOS 4.3 or higher devices. We can claim its compatibility with iPhone 7 only on the core needs of this game; still users need to wait until the launch of iPhone 7 which will give a final decision on the exact acceptability of this game with iPhone 7.