Mobile VR Station Player for iPhone 7

Mobile VR Station Player for iPhone 7


Mobile VR Station is one of the media player applications that work with nearly all headsets very smoothly. This application gives you the facility to view videos, panoramas, photos, files etc in 2D and 3D mode simultaneously, as well as support spherical and full dome contents. In Mobile VR Station, User can watch movies in the virtual theater. Users can enjoy access to their external video content by using UPNP. Let’s explore some more details of this app.



Mobile VR Station application lets you enjoy the videos, photos or files to display on full large customizable virtual screen floating in space instead of small common mobile 2D screen. This application runs on the iOS 8.1 + devices. There are other players which does not support virtual reality mode in iPhone but recovering some drawbacks the Mobile VR Station is one of the media player which supports 3D, 180 degrees SBS videos and also 3D, 360 videos which gives the complete VR experience. The Mobile VR Station is having the option to access HTML5 Video from Mobile Safari by using Micro VR Station extension. Mobile VR Station is having an extensive range for Supported HMDs, right from Mono, SBS to the cardboard, Firefly, & Custom options for more convenience. This app gives liberty to design specified, customize profiles, which suits to every individual user. Mobile VR Station facilitates users with language switching option and can load UTF-8 formatted files to provide subtitles. Mobile VR Station is a media player which is designed for Virtual Reality and posses head tracking.

What’s New?

In this new 2.2 version of Mobile VR Station, the user gets the facility to updated content browser interface easily. Mobile VR Station comes with the features like adjustable FOV from VR and adjustable eye distance from VR which will ultimately work to improve picture quality and comfort while watching videos. Loaded with such features this app is very useful for the users. But now this app is available in English only. This may limit this app up to the users who are comfortable with English only.