Moggles VR iPhone 7 Compatibility

Moggles VR iPhone 7 Compatibility

Is Moggles VR headset compatible with iPhone 7: The Moggles VR headset is a VR headset developed by a Swedish company. Moggles, which is coined out of the two words Mobile Goggles, is a VR headset that works with smartphones. It is a unique VR headset which can be folded to fit into a user’s pocket, which makes it one of the most portable VR headsets in the market.  The headset is cross compatible and works with most 5.5 inch smartphones, and works with the iPhone 7.


Cross compatibility is one of the easiest ways to make a VR headset go mainstream, and this is achieved with the Moggles. Its advantage over the Cardboard too is its sturdy body design, unlike the Cardboard which is susceptible to falling apart after long use. The headset is also lightweight, and weighs 200g, and is durable. The Moggles folds into a hard case when not in use, and this protects the lens from scratches and the body from tears. The lens has an adjustable focus, and the interpupillary distance can also be adjusted to suit a wide range of users. There is a hatch in front of the headset which opens into the smartphone’s camera for SLAM positional tracking. The headset also has a 3mm headphone jack.

How it Works

When a smartphone is inserted into the Moggles, it gives the user a feeling of watching a 200inch 3D screen. The headset has a 360 degrees head tracking feature and also comes with a motion sensor equipped controller for gaming. Moggles is compatible with Cardboard apps, which gives users over 150 apps to choose from, for a great VR experience. The headset is equipped with three straps for maximum comfort during elongated use. The viewers have an FOV of 93% and a resolution of 960 x 1080. The Moggles makes use of aspherical lenses which enhances the focus experience and also reduces motion sickness while wearing the headset. The controllers are custom made to fit into the Moggles case when folded and have a built-in 6-axis gyro and accelerometer for motion tracking. It uses a low-energy Bluetooth connectivity, which makes the battery last longer, and uses a battery which can be recharged via USB.

The Moggles gives a Premium experience and is very portable, and with a lot of compatible content, this headset can rival its competitors in VR.