NOON VR iPhone 7 Compatibility

NOON VR iPhone 7 Compatibility

Is NOON VR compatible with iPhone: For a top-notch virtual reality experience, the company from South Korea Nextcore Corp. has launched its virtual reality headsets. NOON VR uses a superior eye tracking and tap technology. The interface is easy to use and it has no side control buttons which make the control of the device relatively easy. The NOON VR headset has been specifically designed for iPhone 7.

An amazing pair of lenses for iPhone 7


The NOON VR has been carefully designed for iPhone 7. The device has been made given good quality lenses so that you have an amazing VR experience. NOON VR makes no compromises as far as the quality of the lenses is concerned. The lenses of NOON VR are not like the other lens manufacturers. The lenses do not fog after the continuous usage of the VR system for long hours.

Tough build of NOON VR

Once you attach the NOON VR to your iPhone 7 for an amazing virtual reality experience you will find that the quality of material used to build NOON VR is of quite rigid. The material holds the lenses in a quite unique way.

NOON VR is easy to install

The all new NOON VR can be easily installed on the iPhone 7. You just have to put your iPhone in the tray and push the headset in front of the tray to easily install it. The touch method used in the NOON VR makes it easy to install and uninstall the device from the VR system.

The NOON VR for iPhone 7 has been built in such a way that the iPhone 7 fits in the VR system easily with no hassle. The NOON VR systems are good enough to give you the entire glimpse of the Virtual reality experience in the way never imagined before.