Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul VR for iPhone 7

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul VR for iPhone 7

Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul VR: the Scary game is on the board again! Yes one more new scary game is launched in the market of virtual reality gaming. But apart from regular creepy horror games this is bearing some sense of quality in it. Wondering in a house where abnormal things are happening all the time behind you. Grabbing a single small piece of a flashlight you have to walk around the dirty old house where things are absolutely not working right. You can pick any object to examine, having a lack of knowledge of its real story of bloodthirsty history.


As you advance to get into the house, the things get even horrible. You’ll hear a scary noise behind you and when you turn you find nothing, but when you turn around back you will encounter with unusual positions of those objects which were absolutely okay before you took that turn. Things get even more and more paranormal, with whispers and giggles in the distance, glistening lights and scary sound effects. While facing this all super scary environment you encounter outlines of a woman at some distance staring at you, that time you realize it’s time to get out , but unfortunately you see blocked exit in front of you , so you turn around and guess who comes just next to your eyes.? With such effective effects this game actually puts you in real like interface. This makes this game a big player in VR games market.

Additional information

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul VR’s expected release date is due in December 2016 and its other technical specifications are still kept suspense by its developers. But as per official description; this game will also be coming for iOS in near future. There are no announcements made on VR support for its any version till now.