Smash Hit VR for iPhone 7

Smash Hit VR for iPhone 7

Smash Hit VR for iPhone 7: Technology is slowly getting us to view things in better ways and have a better adventure with the same old stuff. With the introduction of virtual reality, you totally get immersed into your game of the movie.

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This gives you an adventure you will never forget and get you craving for more. Games are slow shifting to VR mode to give the gamers a great deal out of their experience. Smash hit also did not miss out on the chance with their introduction of the smash hit VR for iphone7.

About the game

The game is all about taking a great journey through a dimension that looks like living in another world. You move swiftly with music and smash everything that is in your path. It includes an on-rail shooter who is ever surging forward. The course of the movement is littered with panes of glasses of different shapes and sizes. You have to avoid any sort of damage by breaking the glasses with a limited number of marbles you are provided with. The main challenge is to keep a healthy stock of marbles, getting increments from a certain type of glass and losing ten marbles every time you smash into a glass before breaking it. Smashing into the glass also costs you your multiplier that regulates the number of marbles fired per shot. An increment of one marble per shot is however obtained from every ten refill objects hit with the maximum being five marbles per shot. All you need to have is focus, concentration, and great timing to survive the course.

The VR gives you the chance to play at high resolution, and also in multiplayer mode. With over 11 graphic styles and over 50 different rooms, you will experience realistic glass-breaking adventure in every stage. Get the game and get enjoying.