Sunnypeak VR (VRG-11100) iPhone 7 Compatibility

Sunnypeak VR (VRG-11100) iPhone 7 Compatibility

Is Sunnypeak VR (VRG-11100) headset compatible with iPhone 7: Not all VR enthusiasts are able to afford the high-end VR headsets such as the Oculus, which need an equally expensive PC in order to run applications and games. The introduction of VR headsets which make use of smartphones as its brain and screen has increased an influx of less expensive VR headsets which are affordable by a lot more users. These VR headsets are basically boxes that hold smartphone horizontally oriented and close to the viewer’s eyes, with a split screen which gives the user a 3d immersive feeling. Since the Google Cardboard was introduced, numerous other third-party manufacturers have developed their own kits made of more sturdy materials, unlike the Google Cardboard’s make that easily wears out. The SunnyPeak VR Headset (VRG-11100) is one example of these smartphone-powered headsets, developed by third party manufacturers. The headset works across the Android and IOS platforms, and can work with smartphones which range from 4.7 to 6 inches. This makes it compatible with the iPhone 7. The headset is manufactured with plastic and is more durable than the Google Cardboard. It does not have an internal battery and relies solely on the smartphone inserted in its holder to work.

How it works


The headset has three straps for the optimum comfort of the user. On the headset, there is a magnetic button which lets users interact and move around on the screen and in the VR space. The headset makes use of the special acrylic aspherical lens, and this lens reduces motion sickness which is associated with the long use of VR headsets. It also enhances the focus experience for users. The lens’s pupillary distance can also be adjusted, giving users with a wide range of prescription problems the ability to adjust to suit their comfort, and for a wider viewing angle. The headset has an audio jack where external headphones can be attached through its ventilation holes. This headset is also developed with great quality ABS suitable for long term usage. The headset costs $130 and has an advantage of cross compatibility. The quality of its plastic design also makes it more durable than the Google Cardboard.