SunnyPeak VR (VRG-10200) iPhone 7 Compatibility

SunnyPeak VR (VRG-10200) iPhone 7 Compatibility

Is SunnyPeak VR (VRG-10200) headset compatible with iPhone 7: The SunnyPeak VR (VRG-10200) Headset is a VR viewer that relies on a smartphone to work. The headset works like the Google Cardboard but made out of plastic, which makes it more durable than the Cardboard. Since standalone headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are very expensive, and require a very powerful PC to work, most users are beginning to go for the less expensive headsets, which offer premium immersive 3D VR experience for gaming and multimedia purposes. The SunnyPeak headset is cross compatible, and works with a wide range of smartphones, over both the Android and IOS platforms.  It works with smartphones with screen sizes 6 inches and below, and an acceptable maximum length and width of 160 × 87mm and are compatible with the iPhone 7.

How it works


The SunnyPeak VR (VRG-10200) Headset developed by third party manufacturers, and is made with high-quality ABS plastic, which makes it tough and much more durable than the Google Cardboard, which tends to fall apart after long use. It has a magnetic button which allows users o interact with the viewing screen, and also move around in the VR space. The headset gives users the comfort of being able to adjust the focal length and the inter-pupillary distance of the lens, which makes it suitable for use by a wide range of users. The headset does not have position tracking sensors and has an audio jack where external headphones can be connected.  The headset has no internal battery and relies on the smartphone connected to its brains and power. The lenses of the headset are very large, and this gives users a wider viewing angle and increases the immersive feel users get when they use the headset. The SunnyPeak VR (VRG-10200) headset is quite expensive, at $130, which is quite above the average cost for VR headsets that require a smartphone to function. It’s sturdy ABS plastic design increases its longevity, while its cross-compatibility makes it usable with a wide range of smartphones, an added advantage in the growing market of VR headsets.