Virtual reality helps people with disability

Virtual reality helps people with disability

Virtual reality is getting popularity with people across the world as a healing aid in medicine. The virtual reality technology is being used to treat mental health disorders, reduce stress, and to eliminate body pain. It has also been reported that doctors use virtual reality tools while performing surgeries.

Virtual reality technology can be utilized in a number of ways. Latest studies suggest that virtual reality can be utilized as a technology to help people with disabilities.

Due to the power of virtual reality, physically and mentally challenged people can see and explore the world in a manner that was not possible for them earlier as they were not able to utilize the power of VR tools. The best part is that the needy people can easily afford virtual reality tools to explore this world in a truly amazing, and unexpected way. You can easily do it from your bed, sofa, or wheelchair.

Apple and other companies celebrated ‘Global Accessibility Awareness Day’ on May 19, 2016. The event has been celebrated for the fifth time this year. The day was celebrated with an aim to make the virtual reality technology easily accessible & usable to the people with disabilities and develop more and more VR tools to help such people.

Scores of other events are also being held all over the world to know and talk about the latest developments in the VR world and to focus on this amazing technology. If possible, you should also take part in such events. Such events are also held online. Thus, you can easily take part in an online event while sitting on your favorite chair and taking a sip of coffee in your bedroom or living room.

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If you are a person with any type of disability, and willing to get immersed in the virtually real world, not for enjoyment, but to heal yourself, then you don’t have to worry about money. You just need to have an iPhone; you can easily download a free iPhone VR app, buy a headset and properly place your iPhone to play the desired VR app.

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Some latest findings suggest that VR causes a powerful impact on the human brain. It happens when someone is placed within powerful immersive VR environment for prolonged periods. Thus, if you watch your favorite 360-degree games or immersive videos on your iPhone for prolonged periods of time, then virtual reality will cause a psychological impact on you and some of your mental or physical health disorders may get cured to a certain level. You can expect improvement or complete cure of your health problem.

Scientists also say that immersion in virtual reality can cause behavioral changes in viewers and such changes may last for a longer period of time, even if you leave the virtual world behind and get back to the real world.

For helping the disabled people, a wide range of VR content (apps, games, videos and so on) is already available; however, many companies are developing new and better VR content; thus, you can expect to see new VR tools for disabled people in near future.