VR Maps for iPhone

VR Maps for iPhone

Is VR Maps compatible with iPhone: The increase in the demand for VR headsets has also brought the need for content, from games to applications and multimedia. After Google announced the Cardboard, a VR headset that can be easily assembled and made of cardboard material, they also went forward to bring in VR into the functionality of Google Street View to support the platform. At first, this VR functionality was available for Android users. However, Google has subsequently made Cardboard apps available on the IOS platform too. The new Maps enables users to navigate cities worldwide in virtual reality. This gives the user an immersive 3D feeling of being physically present in the street or city which they are viewing. When this view is enabled, side by side stereoscopic images of the location or city will be displayed for the user. Users in India, for example, could take a VR of distant places, such as the Eiffel Tower, and get a feeling of being almost in France.

How it Works


Once an iPhone user updates the Google Street View app on their device, they can search for locations cities using the street view. When you scroll down on the location you could click “see inside”, or “street view”. Then the user clicks on the icon on the right-hand side of the iPhone to enable the Google Map’s VR mode. This splits the screen of the street view into two, and the smartphone can be placed in a VR headset for a 360-degree experience. Even if you don’t make use of the Google Cardboard as your viewer, as long as the Google Street View is updated on your iPhone, you can enjoy the Street View on any VR headset that is compatible with the iPhone.

Virtual Reality though still in its early stages of development, has a lot of capabilities, and this is shown with the emergence of the VR Google Map’s street view mode. Check it out if you own a VR headset and you are yet to get the experience. It is totally worth it.