YouTube VR app for iPhone Compatibility

YouTube VR app for iPhone Compatibility

Is YouTube VR app compatible with iPhone: The increasing demand for VR headsets requires a similar increase in the content that users can experience with these headsets. While video games are the main focus for the higher end headsets like the Oculus Rift, the multimedia needs of users have to be put in focus too. For this reason, while announcing the Daydream VR platform at this year’s I/O conference, it was clear the new YouTube VR app will be in the forefront of VR multimedia experience. The improvements introduced to make the YouTube app more VR friendly included the new 360-degree video , the ability to view YouTube videos using Cardboard, and the Spatial audio format.  The YouTube VR app will provide more immersive multimedia experience for VR lovers, with great features such as personalized playlists and voice search.


The YouTube VR app was developed the utmost comfort of users in mind. It is built for longer sessions of video streaming and is customized to make the viewing screen adjust to the user’s field of view. It also works perfectly with the Daydream controller, so users won’t have to use their head movements to navigate around the VR space, thus making it more convenient than the Cardboard.

Will the YouTube VR app be compatible with the iPhone7?

The YouTube app for IOS recently received the VR update, and iPhone users can now make use of its Cardboard mode. Consequently, users of the iPhone 7 can update their YouTube to be able to view VR videos from the 360 Videos channel. Even though the Daydream headset will only be available to Android users, iPhone users can also use the Cardboard for the VR experience.

Google are also setting up 360 degrees video studios, with their studios at Los Angeles and New York equipped with the Jump gear, where YouTube creators can book time to shoot VR videos. This will help to increase the amount of VR content in the 360 videos channels, and make it easier for creators to upgrade their videos to VR standard.